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Man in Long Beach, CA Seriously Burned by Molotov Cocktail

A 54-year-old man was waiting outside a grocery store for his father to finish getting his groceries. As he was sitting outside the store entrance minding his own business, a man came out from an alley and through a Molotov cocktail at him. The goal of Molotov cocktails is to set the target on fire and they are relatively easy to assemble. This…

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Los Angeles County Deputy Arrested for Attacking An Officer Without Provocation

Thirty-six-year-old A.M. was arrested for allegedly making threats against another individual. While she was being booked at the Century Regional Detention Facility, she attacked another officer for no reason, kicking him in the groin. Following this outburst, they were forced to restrain her, taking her handcuffed to the jail cell. Although the deputy she kicked was not injured, authorities are still taking the…

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