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Theft Crimes

Suspect In Vegas Chip Heist Arrested In Southern California

Police have allegedly taken a suspect accused of stealing from a Las Vegas casino into custody. The man is currently awaiting extradition from California to Nevada, where he is expected to stand trial. According to initial reports filed by law enforcement officials after the arrest, the defendant is a 31-year old man from Palmdale. Authorities believe that the suspect was involved in the…

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Rising Prices Leads to Gas Thefts in Southern California

This week, people across California are dealing with record-breaking prices for gasoline. People are being forced to be creative in attempts to save money and afford getting to work. In some cases, this creativity does not always line up with the law. There have been cases reported from Antelope Valley to Roseville of thieves stealing hundreds of gallons of gasoline. In Antelope Valley,…

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California Mining Museum Loses Millions in Historical Pieces in Daylight Robbery

Gold worth up to $2 million was stolen from the California State Mining and Mineral Museum this past Friday. The robbery took place in broad daylight, at approximately 4 p.m. Robbers armed with pickaxes wore face masks and night goggles as they forced the museum employees into one area of the building. The museum was home to the Fricot Nugget, a chuck of…

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Sixteen Fire Hydrants Stolen in Redlands Putting Local Community At Risk

As the prices of metal rises in California, people are becoming more and more creative in their attempt to sell scrap metal. Not all of these endeavors, however, fall under the realm of the law. The Redlands Police Department are looking for the people responsible for stealing 16 fire hydrants in the Redlands area. It is estimated that these hydrants were worth about…

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Defining Extortion

Have you or family member been accused of extortion? If so, you probably have many questions going through your mind. What is extortion? What are the possible penalties? How can I defend myself? According to the California Penal Code Section 518-527, extortion is wrongfully obtaining property from another person through force, threats, or using official right. This use of fear or force could…

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Weapons Stolen From Los Angeles SWAT Facility

Over thirty firearms were stolen from a SWAT training facility last week. The weapons included MP-5 submachine guns and large caliber handguns. Although these weapons had been modified to fire blanks, law enforcement officers are worried that they could be altered back to fire live ammunition. The training facility was believed to be secure, but the thieves were able to cut through the…

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