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July 2011

Explaining Drug Crimes

Drug crimes and their corresponding penalties vary depending upon the type of drug, the quantity and what the drug was intended for. They can range from simplepossession for personal use, to manufacturing, todistribution, to trafficking. Some drug crimes are prosecuted as misdemeanors, while others are prosecuted as felonies. Certain drug crimes are “wobblers” in the state of California, meaning they can be prosecuted…

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Fighting Assault and Battery Charges

The crime of assault refers to the attempt to cause physical injury to another person; however, contact does not need to take place. Therefore, the threat of force, coupled with the ability to carry out that threat would suffice. Battery on the other hand, refers to actual physical contact. This contact is construed as rude and/or offensive to the victim. Therefore, when battery…

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Explanation of the Juvenile Crime Process

If your son or daughter has been recently arrested, you are probably very worried about what will happen next, and you have good reason to be concerned.Juvenile crimes are crimes that are committed by minors under the age of eighteen. If an adult were to otherwise commit such crimes, they would be handled in the adult court system. Today, most juvenile crimes are…

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