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August 2022

What Should I Do After Being Accused of a Hit and Run Car Accident?

What are the Steps to Take if I’m Accused of Hit and Run in California? Have you been accused of committing either misdemeanor or felony hit and run in California? The team of experienced hit and run criminal defense lawyers at Martinian & Associates recommends that you never: Admit fault Make an official statement of any kind Speak to the police without an…

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Who is Liable After a Rental Truck Accident?

Who Can Rent a Truck in California? People may need to rent trucks for various reasons, one of the most common being moving residences. You may be wondering, can anyone with a license rent a truck? The answer is that it depends on the rental truck company. Each company has its own requirements for drivers. Some allow individuals who are 18 with a…

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Top 10 Steps to Take After Your Car Has Been Hit by a Big Rig or Commercial Truck

What should you do after a commercial or big rig truck accident injury? How can I file a big rig or commercial truck accident injury lawsuit? Can a Los Angeles truck accident lawyer help me recover a maximum cash settlement for my injury? Los Angeles County has some of the most heavily-congested roadways in the nation, with the I-5 South and I-10 East…

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Top 9 Steps to Take After Being Injured in a Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident

What steps should I take after a pedestrian accident? Can I sue after a pedestrian accident? Do I need a lawyer after a pedestrian accident injury? Los Angeles is a city that is constantly burdened by heavy traffic. Angelenos love their cars, and need them to get from Point A to Point B every day. But in all the commuting, traveling, and even…

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