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Will the Government Shutdown Affect Your Criminal Case?
Will the Government Shutdown Affect Your Criminal Case?

As of midnight yesterday, the U.S. government has been shut down indefinitely until Congress can come to an agreement on a budget. An agreement was not reached because Republicans will not approve a stop-gap measure unless ObamaCare is defunded, and Democrats refuse to block ...

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Blog posts in Federal Crime

  • Eric Holder Proposes End to Mandatory Minimums for Low-Level Drug Offenders

    Many nonviolent and low-level drug offenders will no longer have to fear mandatory minimum sentences, Attorney General Eric Holder announced ...

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  • What Constitutes Cybercrime?

    According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) cybercrime is any type of criminal activity committed by means of the computer or internet. ...

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  • Federal Criminal Law vs. State Criminal Law

    Federal criminal law. This is a somewhat elusive term, but one that is important to understand. What is federal criminal law and how does it differ ...

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  • LAPD Under Investigation Regarding Firearm Sale

    It has recently been announced that the SWAT unit of the LAPD is under investigation by an independent watchdog. They have stated that there are ...

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  • Los Angeles Serial Killer Linked To Sixteen Deaths

    An investigation is underway into sixteen killings in the Los Angeles area. Beginning in the 1980s, the same man has been tied to all of the deaths ...

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  • 35-Year-Old Man Accused of Hacking Celebrity's Email

    A Florida man has been accused of hacking Scarlett Johansson's email account and could be facing 121 years in federal prison. He is currently out on ...

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  • Prison Guards Under Federal Investigation

    The Los Angeles County sheriff has responded angrily to the news that several Los Angeles prison guards are under federal investigation. The ...

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  • Federal vs. State Crimes

    Criminal charges are categorized under state crime and federal crime in the United States. By far the majority of crimes are considered state crimes, ...

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