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Domestic Violence

How to File a Lawsuit After Negligent Discharge of a Firearm in the Home

Gun ownership is prevalent in the United States, with a recent Pew Research Center study confirming that four-in-ten adults report that they live in a household with a gun. Furthermore, 30% of Americans say they personally own a firearm. With so many guns in homes and private residences throughout the U.S., the potential for negligent discharge accidents leading to severe injuries is unfortunately…

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LA Lakers Forward Charged With Choking Girlfriend of Two Years

Jordon Hill, a forward for the Los Angeles Lakers will not be able to play in the playoffs because of a felony assault charge that is hanging over his head. His girlfriend, 28-year-old D.L. accused him of choking her on February 29th in Houston, Texas. The couple had been together for two years when these allegations were made and he was formally charged…

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24-Year-Old Accused Of Attempting To Murder Infant Son

On November 9th, J.R. is due for arraignment following charges of attempted murder, torture, and child abuse. The Los Angeles man was babysitting for his two-month-old son while his girlfriend was out. She had set up a hidden camera at the house because she suspected him of infidelity. However, when she watched the footage, she found something worse. J.R. was filmed smothering the…

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