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January 2012

Were You Read Your Miranda Rights?

Since 1966, the Fifth Amendment has required police officers to tell people of their right to not make any incriminating statements when they are taken into police custody for questioning. Known as the Miranda Rights because of the Supreme Court case Miranda vs. Arizona, there are four things that must be told to arrestees before questioning: Right to remain silent Anything they can…

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Man Arrested After Fourth Homeless Man Killed

Since December 20th, the homeless community has been told to be vigilant as more and more men were stabbed in Orange County. On Friday, January 13th, the murder of a man in his sixties brought the death toll to four. The Anaheim man was found in a trash bin outside a Carl’s Jr. before 9 p.m. that evening. Witnesses saw a man fleeing…

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California 2012: New Year, New Laws

In California, 760 laws have come into effect. As the state is already in financial trouble, not everyone is pleased with the news laws or the money it will cost. While some took effect on January 1st, others will not become authoritative until later this year. Gov. Jerry Brown has upset conservatives with some of the social-related bills that he signed into law….

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Arsonist Starts 55 Fires in Los Angeles

As of Monday morning, there had been fifty-five fires started in the Los Angeles area, including Hollywood, West Hollywood, North Hollywood, and Fairfax district. Most of these fires targeted parked cars, but in some cases the initial fire spread to the nearby buildings. Authorities are unsure whether it was a single arsonist or multiple arsonists however, they have taken a person of interest…

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