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Los Angeles Grandmother Stabbed In Home

On Tuesday November 29th, an eighty-nine-year-old grandmother was stabbed and killed in her home in South Los Angeles. After authorities were called, she was taken to a local hospital where she died soon after. Her grandson, aged forty-two, is said to be a suspect. After the murder, he blockaded himself in a nearby home near Manual Arts Senior High School. The grandson lived with his mother and grandmother and is said to have a history of drug problems. His sister, A.R., thinks he may have been hallucinating. He apparently picked up a broom and stabbed her in the chest and then told his mother that he had been shot in the head. By 6 PM that day, the grandson had been apprehended and taken into custody.

Murder is one of the most serious charges you could be facing. First degree murder is killing someone purposefully, with premeditated aforethought. Second degree murder is killing a person without premeditation but out of anger. If you or a family member were accused of murder, you need to contact an attorney before you take any other step. A Los Angeles criminal attorney from our firm could review your case and legal options. To see how we could help you in your unique situation,contact a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.