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Mom Endangers Children in Drunk Driving Accident

Six children were injured in a crash that took place in the early hours of Sunday morning in Lancaster. S.A. is a thirty-one-year-old mother and foster mother who was driving six children when she drifted off the road and overturned her SUV several times. What makes this case so shocking is that S.A. was intoxicated at the time of the crash. Her four-year-old daughter suffered major head injuries and her two-year-old foster son suffered head trauma and an amputated foot.

S.A. and the six children were taken to Antelope Valley Hospital where she was arrested fordriving under the influence of alcohol. Law enforcement stated that this is one of the most difficult cases to handle, when children have been hurt. If you have been accused of drunk driving or child endangerment, you need to seek qualified legal counsel immediately. Cases such as these can carry harsh penalties and you owe it to yourself to retain the services of a skilled Los Angeles criminal defense attorney.Contact our Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers at Martinian & Associates for more information.