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Understanding Perjury and Its Charges

In many states, it is a criminal offense to lie when you are under oath or when creating legal documents. Also known as forswearing, anyone who gives false information relating to a legal matter could be severely penalized. Under the California Penal Code Section 118-131, any person who willfully gives false information to a tribunal, officer, or person when it is in regards to the law of the State of California is guilty of perjury. However, no person can be found guilty of perjury based on the testimony of one other person; it must be proven by direct or indirect evidence.

An example of perjury could be a peace officer who intentionally leaves out information or includes false information on a police report. If they are found guilty, they could be put in county jail for one year or state prison for three years. It could also refer to a person who is under oath. When someone is accused of lying while under oath, they cannot defend themselves by stating that the administration of the oath was in an “irregular manner.” The prosecution also cannot defend themselves by saying that the person under oath was incompetent.

As offense of perjury could be punished by up to four years imprisonment, it is very important that you do everything in your power to defend yourself if you are facing these allegations. A Los Angeles criminal lawyer fromMartinian & Associates Inc. has experience in defending against these accusations and could fight for you if you need a strong advocate on your side. Which attorney you choose could make all the difference in the outcome of your case.Contact a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney from our team today if you need more information. We offer a free case evaluation, so call our office as soon as possible.