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70 Year Old Tennis Referee Accused of Murdering Her Husband

After being arrested in New York where she was scheduled to be a line judge at the U.S. Open, Lois Goodman was brought back to Los Angeles to begin her trial for the charges of murdering her husband. The series of events began last spring when Goodman claims that she found the body of her husband when she came home in Woodland Hills, CA. The Goodman’s’ had been married for fifty years at this point, and she claims that he likely died of high blood pressure seeing as he was a diabetic and 80 years old.

The police believed her story, though they had suspicions her claims until reports from the autopsy came in saying that Mr. Goodman died of blunt force trauma by a coffee cup which was found in the kitchen of their home. The finger was immediately pointed at his wife, and she is now facing charges for murder. Police share that when they entered the Goodman home the day of the husband’s death, there was a trail of blood, and the victim had a severe head injury. The wife claimed that he must have fallen down the stairs, and they did quickly believed her story.

While the police claim that the mug is the murder weapon, the wife shares that she was away from her home for six hours that day and when she arrived there, she noticed the mug covered in blood already in her kitchen. While the police agreed that the wife’s story was possible, they were still suspicious of the scene claiming it appeared more as a murder rather than an accident. Prior to the arrest of Lois Goodman, the police found that even though she had been married to her husband for 50 years, she was communicating with another man over the internet which also increased their suspicions of her.

Detective Jeffery Briscoe claims that the scene of the crime appeared to be too perfect, as though the body was set up. This seemed more plausible rather than Mr. Goodman climbing into his own bed after falling down the stairs. Last spring when the body was first discovered Briscoe also states that the wife’s response was suspicious as she was more concerned about proving her whereabouts rather than grieving the death of her husband of half a century. While there are many signs that point to the guilt of Mrs. Goodman, there is still a chance for her to prove her innocence with the help of a criminal defense attorney.

The state of California takes murder charges very seriously, and the penalties if convicted may be severe. Murder defined is the act of taking someone’s life with intentionality, and for Mrs. Goodman this is the accusation she is facing. If convicted, she could be facing years to the rest of her life in prison. Whether she is guilty or not, she still has the right to be defended and her innocence fought for. Even though the detectives sense the evidence is pointing directly at the wife, there are still many avenues in which a defense lawyer could use to prove her innocence.

Being accused of a crime, especially the murder of your own husband is a difficult situation to go through; and while it cannot be guaranteed, a defense lawyer is going to do their best to fight for her case. Every individual deserves the chance to receive legal representation even if accused of murder or any other violent crime. Do you know someone that is in need of an experienced criminal defender? Contact the law office of Martinian & Associates today for the legal representation that is deserved!