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Thirty-One-Year-Old Kills Four Family Members and Injures Two More

At an Indian reservation just 20 miles outside of Porterville, California, the community is reeling following a harrowing quadruple homicide.

Thirty-one-year-old H.C. was shot dead, but not before he had killed four members of his family and injured two more. Although the man did have a history of drug abuse, there is as yet no indication as to what caused him to commit such a heinous crime. The incident began on Saturday evening when someone called 911 reporting gun shots. When authorities arrived at the scene, they found a man and woman dead in the trailer. A six-year-old boy was also found injured and immediately taken away for medical treatment.

After leaving the trailer, police found another victim shot dead in a shed nearby. Once they determined that H.C. was the suspect in the case, they immediately began looking for him. The deemed him armed and dangerous and driving a green Jeep. They were able to locate him and followed him in a low-speed car chase. It was not until 2 a.m. that H.C. finally pulled over and stopped the car. When the police saw that H.C. had begun shooting, they immediately opened fire.

When the approached the car, they not only found H.C., but his two daughters. The eight-year-old daughter had been shot dead, but the five-year-old survived and was taken to the emergency room for her injuries. H.C. was shot dead, but it was not known when the girls were shot. An investigation regarding the motive for this incident will continue.

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