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“Highly Psychotic” Man Convicted of Stalking Celebrity

One of the costs of being in the limelight is that your privacy in constantly invaded. For some celebrities, it essentially does not exist. However, invasion of privacy and constant annoyance from paparazzi is in a completely different category than stalking and death threats. Such is the case of singer/songwriter Madonna. This past Friday, a former mental hospital patient was convicted of stalking the 53-year-old as well as threatening to slash her throat. Police in Long Beach, CA captured the man and took him into custody following his suspected escape form the Metropolitan State Hospital in Norwalk. Fifty-four-year-old R.H. had been in this mental hospital since last year, after serving a 10-year sentence in person for being convicted of the same offense in 1996.

Assault is the attempt or threat to harm another person. The person in this case could have been guilty of such a crime as he made threats regarding Madonna’s safety and then committedburglary with criminal intent. If you or a loved one were accused of assault, stalking, harassment, burglary, or any other criminal offense, your first step should be to contact a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney from our firm. We have experience in handling serious cases like this and will do everything in our power to get your charges reduced or dropped.