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What Constitutes Conspiracy?

According to the California Penal Code Section 182-185, conspiracy is when “two or more persons conspire to commit a crime.” They do not actually have to take any action towards committing the crime, but it must be proven that they both intended and agreed on that end. Another form of conspiracy it attempting to falsely accuse another of a crime, full knowing that they are innocent. Filing a fake lawsuit with another person can also be charged as conspiracy as they are both knowingly lying in order to obtain money. Conspiracy to commit fraud with through a criminal activity or through fraudulent means is also punishable under this law. Lastly any attempted act that puts public safety at risk or any crime against the President and executive departments of the government are labeled as conspiracy.

The penalties for being accused of this crime vary based on the severity of the crime. However, those found guilty can be charged with a felony and be put in prison for up to nine years. In some cases they will be punished as if they actually committed the crime. If you were accused with conspiracy to commit a crime, whether it be fraud,theft,murder, or anotherfelony, you should talk to a Los Angeles criminal lawyer fromMartinian & Associates Inc. We will do everything in our power to get your charges reduced or even dropped.Contact a Los Angeles criminal attorney from the team today for a free case evaluation!