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Arsonist Starts 55 Fires in Los Angeles

As of Monday morning, there had been fifty-five fires started in the Los Angeles area, including Hollywood, West Hollywood, North Hollywood, and Fairfax district. Most of these fires targeted parked cars, but in some cases the initial fire spread to the nearby buildings. Authorities are unsure whether it was a single arsonist or multiple arsonists however, they have taken a person of interest into custody.

Over New Year’s weekend, authorities examined video footage in order to attempt to determine the man’s identity. The police then gave out DVDs which showed a man in his twenties or thirties with a receding hairline and a ponytail. Early Monday morning, a man was taken into custody for questioning in connection with the fires that have been rampant since last Thursday.

Arson is a serious crime under California Penal Code Section 450. It is charged as afelony as there is always the possibility that someone may be seriously injured or killed. If you were accused of committing arson or are facing other serious charges, the first step you should take is to contact a skilled legal professional. A Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer could review your case and do everything in their power to defend you. Whether you were falsely accused or treated too harshly by law enforcement,contact Martinian & Associates as soon as possible.