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Man Arrested in Connection with Stabbings in L.A.

This past Friday, C.R. aged 38, called 911 and gave himself in regarding the recent attacks on homeless people in Los Angeles. The police have stated that he was rational and understandable and went with the police without putting up a fight. C.R. had already been under investigation regarding the stabbings in June and July, up to five suspected attacks in all. In each of these incidents, the attacks were not fatal and it is believed the victims were sleeping when they were attacked. In some of the cases, a death warrant and the knife was left behind, but not in the two most recent cases. The “death warrant” was a typed note signed David Ben Keyes and was attached to each victim.

The police do believe that each victim was targeted for a specific reason, but as yet they have not released their thoughts on what the motive was. It is known that some of the victims were white and some were black. It is also known that C.R. was not in any way related to the victims nor did he take anything from their person. Currently, C.R. is being held on a $500,000 bail and has been booked for attempted murder. He also has outstanding misdemeanor warrants and owes $31,705 for those offenses. The police commander has stated that the homeless population in L.A. will now be able to sleep easier knowing that this man is off the streets.

Attempted murder is a difficult crime to prove. C.R. could be found guilty of assault with a deadly weapon for injuring his victims; however, his intention of taking their life would have to be proven beyond a doubt if he is to be convicted to attempted murder. According to the California Penal Code §664 (2011), if a person attempts to willfully murder someone, they could be sent to prison for life without the possibility of parole.