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Alleged Rapist Arrested After Shocking Attacks in South L.A.

In a serious of attacks which began Friday morning, a number of women were attacked and raped or attempted to be raped in South Los Angeles. On Friday at 2 a.m., the suspect attempted to rape a female but was stopped when they were spotted a by a civilian. Not too long after, he tried to assault another woman with a fake gun. The victim, however, fought back. Although she lost several teeth in the struggle, she was able to get the gun away from him. With the gun in her possession, she attempted to shoot him, only to realize that the firearm was fake.

Later that evening, there was another suspected attack was on a 76-year-old woman in an apartment. The suspect was finally caught while he was attempting to rape a woman in her 30s. The incident was seen by an LAPD sergeant and a perimeter was set up around the area so that he could not get away. The man is now in custody but the authorities are not releasing his name as of yet.

If this man is found guilty of rape or attempted rape, he could be facing extremely serious penalties. According to the California Penal Code §§261-269 (2011), rape is defined as sexual intercourse where the person is incapable of giving consent or it was accomplished against their will. For one case of rape, the guilty individual could be placed in state prison for three, six, or eight years. However, as this man raped or attempted to rape other victims, his penalties will undoubtedly be more severe. The fact that he made the victim believe he had a deadly weapon could also exacerbate the situation. Any cases ofsexual assault are viewed as extremely serious, whether actual violence was present or merely the threat of it. For more information, please talk to a member of our team.