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Investigation Continues Surrounding Woman’s Skeleton Found in Malibu Ravine

In 2009, twenty-four-year-old M.R. was arrested after leaving a restaurant without paying the bill. For walking out on the $86 she owed, she was taken to a remote sheriff’s station for booking. In the middle of the night, she was released from custody. This is usually a good thing, but it was the middle of the night in a scarcely populated area. Not only that, but her car had been impounded – her car which contained her wallet, purse, and cell phone. She walked away into the night and was never seen alive again.

A year later, a skeleton was found in a ravine in Malibu, a skeleton belonging to the mentally unstable M.R. Now, her family and friends have one simple question that plagues them, “What happened to M.R. that night?” They blame the police, not only for the fact that they cannot answer that question, but because of actions leading up to her disappearance. They want to know why she was allowed to leave the station in the middle of the night with no phone or money or car. However, the police who were there that night said that she refused the offer to remain at the jail until morning. She also refused to use the phone at the sheriff’s office. Not only that, but she denied the fact that she suffered from any mental disorder, even though she did in fact have bipolar.

So far, the cause of her death is a mystery. Investigators have not discovered any signs of foul play but they still do not know why she is dead or how she ended up at the bottom of a ravine. Her parents and the county have reached a $900,000 settlement regarding her death, but what they really want is answers. If you were treated unfairly by the police department, a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney from our team could help you. Any case they have against you may be dismissed if you were subjected to any illegal practices.Contact a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer from the team today to learn more.