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L.A. Official Accused of Falsifying Documents for Campaign Contributions

In an act that has been described as a betrayal of public trust, a former official with the Los Angeles County assessor’s office was arrested on May 21st on charges of fraud regarding the value of Westside homes and businesses. Currently, there is an investigation into suspected corruption in this branch and this arrest was the first to be made. S.S. aged 49 allegedly was falsifying documents for home and business owners in exchange for campaign contributions. To make matters worse, authorities do not believe that these 100 properties were the extent of the case.

S.S. chose to resign when his actions came to light, but he is still facing 60 felony charges of falsifying records. This offense is described in the California Penal Code, Section 112-117. It states that any person who creates or sells false government documents can be found guilty of a felony. If you need more information regarding these types of charges, please do not hesitate to contact a Los Angeles criminal lawyer from our team.