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Woman and Son Found Beaten To Death in Los Angeles

In a recent case in South Los Angeles, a woman and her son were found decomposing in their apartment. The only reason they were found was due to a complaint from a neighbor regarding the strong odor that was coming from their home. No one had seen the 39-year-old mother, P.C., and her 11-year-old son, C.C., for several days. After investigating the case, the authorities believe that both victims were beaten to death and then left in the apartment to rot. On Tuesday the 22nd, the mother’s live-in boyfriend was arrested on suspicion of committing the double-homicide. He was also found to be in possession of P.C.’s van which had been missing from the apartment. To read more about the L.A. Times story, pleaseclick here.

If the suspect is convicted, he could be facing extremely harsh penalties. According to the California Penal Code Section 187, murder is the unlawful killing of a human being with malice aforethought. This malice can be known as expressed or implied. For example, express involves the deliberate intention to take another’s life. Implied intention means that there was no provocation, but done with a malicious heart.

The penalties for murder will differ depending on the degree of the conviction. First degree murder will either be punished by death or life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. If the suspect is found guilty of second degree murder, then they could be sentenced to 15 years in state prison. There are other aggravating circumstances which could increase the penalties, so it is important that you allow a member of our legal team to help you if you are facing this type of charge. We will do everything in our power to protect your best interests and get your charges dropped.