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Man Pleads Not Guilty to Dismembering and Cooking Wife

In Oceanside, California, a 68-year-old man, F.J.H., has been charged with the murder of his 73-year-old wife. On Friday November 16th, police went to the home of the couple. Neighbors in the area had been complaining of a bad smell coming from their home, so the authorities went to the home to investigate. They discovered what appeared to be three pots of meat boiling on the stove. What they later realized was that it was the victim that was cooking in the pots. Upon further investigation, they also discovered the woman’s severed head in a bag in the freezer. They also discovered what appeared to be the scene where the dismemberment took place. In the bathroom they found different cutting devices and a boning knife and saw.

Neighbors of this couple have given information regarding the odd behavior of the couple. For example, once the victim was seen walking outdoors with a knife while making comments of a religious nature. Her husband was also seen outside wearing jewelry, make-up, and a purple dress. The prosecutor, however, in this case stated that F.J.H. was aware of what he was doing when he dismembered his wife. She also said that they did not believe that this was a case of cannibalism.

F.J.H. has been charged withmurder willful cruelty to an elder, and committing an unlawful act with human remains. He is currently in jail on a $5 million bail and could be facing up to 25 years in prison if he is found guilty. For more information on criminal defense, please contact our team atMartinian & Associates Inc. We understand the law and procedures regarding these cases and will do everything in our power to help you if you have been accused of a crime.Call today to learn more!