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Parole Recommended for Woman Convicted of Conspiring to Kill Husband

Early in the morning on January 10th 1984, a masked man broke into the home of J.L.H. and her husband, J.H. He shot the husband twice in the temple and then left with the couple’s car. This, at least, was the story as told by J.L.H. When police began investigating the case, they discovered that it was her lover, A.R., who had broken in the home and shot her husband. They also discovered that she and A.R. had planned themurder together because they wanted to profit from her husband’s life insurance.

Even though she did not pull the trigger, she was convicted of plotting to kill her husband and sentenced with 26 years to life in prison. She was sent to a women’s prison in Fontana to serve her sentence, only interrupted by her attempts to escape. In one instance, she tried to cut the bars of her cell. In another instance in 1990, she actually escaped the prison with the help of a correctional officer. Since then, she has not had any disciplinary issues. The state parole considered her request for parole in a seven-hour hearing and decided to recommend her for parole.

J.H.L. was in prison for conspiracy as well as murder. According to the California Penal Code §182 (2011), conspiracy occurs when two or more people conspire together to commit a crime. California Penal Code §§187-199 (2011) gives information regarding murder charges and the possible penalties which can result. If you have questions concerning cases involving murder or other serious crimes, pleasecontact our team atMartinian & Associates Inc. as soon as possible. We have years of experience in these types of cases and will do everything in our power to ensure that your charges are dropped!