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Suspect In Vegas Chip Heist Arrested In Southern California

Police have allegedly taken a suspect accused of stealing from a Las Vegas casino into custody. The man is currently awaiting extradition from California to Nevada, where he is expected to stand trial. According to initial reports filed by law enforcement officials after the arrest, the defendant is a 31-year old man from Palmdale. Authorities believe that the suspect was involved in the recenttheft of a large number of high-value chips from the Venetian casino in Las Vegas.

The man allegedly walked into the gambling establishment in the early hours of the morning on October 10th. At approximately 6 a.m., authorities claim, the suspect entered a restricted area of the casino and was able to walk away with a large quantity of the chips. Casino officials estimate that the haul was valued at around $1.6 million. It is not yet clear if the man had help from an accomplice during the crime.

After conducting an initial investigation, Las Vegas law enforcement discovered surveillance video had recorded several images of the alleged suspect. No other witnesses were able to found, and it is not believed that the man used a weapon or met anyone inside the restricted area.

Nevertheless, investigators say they identified the man by a fibrous growth located on his left ear. Deputies from the Los Angeles and San Bernardino Sheriff’s Departments were able to track the suspect down near his mother’s Southern California home on October 24th. According to officials with the Nevada Gaming Commission, they recovered almost $400,000 worth of stolen chips.

Despite the immense estimated value of the rare chips, authorities say they do not think the suspect would have been able to turn a profit with the loot. The chips are only used by a small number of casino regulars and highly-ranked players in the poker circuit, all of whom are known to officials and would have drawn attention had they suddenly acquired a large number of them. Police are holding the 31-year-old at the Los Angeles County jail. He is expected to be charged with several crimes, including burglary, possession of burglary tools, and grand larceny.

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