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Events Unclear Surrounding Death of Johnny Lewis

Jonathan “Johnny” Lewis was born on October 29th, 1983 in Los Angeles. He had minor roles in television shows and his first film was Raise Your Voice with Hilary Duff. He is best known, however, for his role as Kip in Sons of Anarchy and as the ex-boyfriend of singer Katy Perry. What he will probably be most remembered for, however, was his untimely death and the allegations which remain to be validated regarding his involvement in his landlady’s death.

On Wednesday, September 26th, Johnny Lewis was found dead in the driveway of his home. When authorities entered the house, they also found his 81-year-old landlady beaten to death. They are currently waiting on toxicology results to see if Lewis was under the influence of drugs at the time of his death. It was a well-known fact that the actor was struggling with drug abuse and mental illnesses and those who knew him differ regarding whether or not he was capable of this violence.

The events that morning show that something was not right with Lewis. He had approached a next door neighbor and introduced himself. Although he left at first, he returned fifteen minutes later and began attacking a painter at the neighbor’s house. It took three people to try to get rid of him and they finally managed to get inside the house, with Lewis still trying to get in. When the police arrived, Lewis was already dead. It appears that he either fell from the roof or from the balcony. When the police went inside the house where Lewis rented a portion from, it looked as though there had been a struggle. They found C.D., his landlady, and her cat dead inside. It remains to be seen what caused this attack and whether or not he was responsible for her death.