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Man Attempts to Set Disabled Woman On Fire in Modesto, CA

In Modesto, California on Thursday the 11th, a woman was attacked by a man who tried to set her on fire. M.P., aged 54, was near the intersection of 18th and G streets in town when N.Y. approached her. She is confined to a wheelchair and was not attracting any attention or causing trouble. He told her that she was the devil and proceeded to pour lighter fluid all over her. He attempted to use a match to set her on fire, but the woman’s fiancé and another woman who was there chased him away. When the police came to arrest N.Y., he poured lighter fluid on one of the police officers as well.

N.Y. is in jail on suspicion of elder abuse, attempted murder, and assault with a caustic chemical. Learn more by reading the news story. Attempted murder is a very serious offense in California. If convicted, N.Y. could be facing up to life in prison. First degree attempted murder means that the attempt was premeditated and willful. This can result in a life sentence and if the attempt was against a peace officer, there will be a minimum 15-year sentence. For second degree attempted murder charges, no premeditation needs to be proven. A conviction of second degree attempted murder will result in a five, seven, or nine year sentence in state prison.

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