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What Constitutes Cybercrime?

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) cybercrime is any type of criminal activity committed by means of the computer or internet. There are state and federal task forces exclusively focused on eradicated this type of crime. Cybercrimes are prosecuted harshly, which is why more people should be aware of what constitutes a cybercrime.

Cybercrimes can take the form of scams. The FBI lists a variety of common types of internet fraud. One is internet auction fraud. Sites such as eBay can be used to defraud buyers by selling fake merchandise or charging the customer money but never delivering the product. Credit card fraud is another common type of cybercrime as is investment fraud.Chapter 18 of the United States Code details the federal laws against computer-related fraud.

Certain types of internet pornography can be considered cybercrimes. Downloading or distributing pornography is illegal when it involves someone under the age of 18. Even people who download child pornography unknowingly or download it without knowing the child’s age can be charged with this type of cybercrime, also a sex offense.

Cybercrime can even be a type of theft. Anyone who uses the internet or a computer to defraud for the purpose of financial gain will likely be charged with a cybercrime, which could be a state or federal criminal offense. Hacking into a computer or a computer network and various methods of fraud can all be means to steal information for the purpose of stealing money.

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