Northridge Kidnapping Suspect Pleads Not Guilty

In our last blog, we wrote of the Northridge kidnapping suspect's capture in Mexico. This week, the man was formally read his charges – 37 felony counts – to which he pleaded "not guilty." Among some of those charges are accusations of sexual assault and kidnapping. His 37 felony counts include:

  • Kidnapping a victim under 14
  • Kidnapping to commit a crime
  • First degree burglary
  • 34 sex offense counts

The next time this man and his accomplice will appear in court is on May 22. Bail was set extremely high for both individuals: $19 million for the main suspect and $150,000 for his accomplice. The higher the risk, the higher the bond is usually set. Sometimes, there is no possibility of bail because the defendant poses too great of a flight risk or too much danger to the community.

If convicted of his sex offenses, the man will be labeled a Tier III sex offender. Under California law, both the suspects in this case are habitual offenders, but neither of them is a registered sex offender. Tier III sex offenses are typically those that are violent or those that involve violent sex offenses or those that involve young children. These are the most serious types of sex offenses and require that offenders register on the sex offender registry for life.

Being labeled a sex offender has drastic consequences. Not only does it forbid a person from visiting certain public places such as parks and beaches, but it can limit where a person can live, what kind of employment they can gain, etc. If this man is convicted on all his charges, he may never even be able to live outside of prison and know the social consequences of sex offender registration.

Have you been accused of committing a sex offense? Please contact a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer at our firm today to discuss your case.

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