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Are Car Accident Witnesses Always Credible?

When someone files an insurance claim, both parties tend to look for potential witnesses. The main goal for each driver is to track down witnesses who corroborate their version of events. However, how credible are witness statements? How much of an impact do they have on a personal injury settlement? Let’s discuss witness credibility.

How Much Can Witnesses Observe?

Most people do not anticipate a car accident which also applies to witnesses. Often, people shift their attention to the crash immediately after it happens. The difficulty is finding credible witnesses who can detail the events leading up to the collision. Typically, the first inclination for someone near a car accident is to protect themselves. This is done before they begin to assess the scene and take any mental notes about the details of the crash.

Credibility Factors

Once witnesses are discovered, their credibility must be evaluated.

One must question:

  • Where was the witness during the crash? In their own car? On the side of the street?
  • Does the witness remember details prior to the collision? Or did they only look over once they heard an impact?
  • Was the witness focused on any other distractions?
  • Could the witness’s vision have been obstructed? Do they wear glasses? Were they under the influence?
  • Does the witness have a personal connection to either driver?
  • Does the witness have a history of lying or a criminal record?

The answers to these questions will help determine the reliability of a witness’s statement.

How Do I Find Credible Witnesses?

It can be difficult to find credible witnesses after a car accident. However, it’s important to find witnesses who can vouch for the fact that you were not driving recklessly and did not cause the accident.

A personal injury attorney can help you locate and contact credible witnesses to aid your claim.

Car Accident Injury Claims in Los Angeles

Being injured in a car accident is a frustrating experience, especially when you were following all rules of the road. Our team at Martinian & Associates Inc. can help you track down credible witnesses who saw the accident and can report that the other driver was acting negligently, thus causing the crash. Get started with our Los Angeles injury team today and call (323) 850-1900 for a free case consultation.