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Criminal Defense

Los Angeles Man Sexually Assaults Victim Found on Online Dating Website

On Monday, September 19th, a Los Angeles man was sentenced to a year in jail forsexual assault. A.W. met his victim on an online dating website. After their second date, sixty-seven year old A.W. drove the woman home and then proceeded to follow her inside. The man pled guilty to sexually assaulting her and will have to undergo five years of probation. He…

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Three-Year-Old Murdered in San Bernardino, CA

An unknown gunman murdered a three-year-old girl and seriously injured a pregnant mother and her toddler last Monday evening. The girl was shot in the head and was pronounced dead when she arrived at the hospital. The unnamed mother was shot in the neck and jaw and her daughter was also shot in the head. Although the unborn child is unharmed, the mother…

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Federal vs. State Crimes

Criminal charges are categorized under state crime andfederal crime in the United States. By far the majority of crimes are considered state crimes, therefore, they are handled in state courts. However, certain crimes are “federal offenses,” which are typically prosecuted in the federal courts. The federal courts are established under the U.S. Constitution to handle disputes involving laws which were passed by Congress….

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