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Explanation of the Juvenile Crime Process

If your son or daughter has been recently arrested, you are probably very worried about what will happen next, and you have good reason to be concerned.Juvenile crimes are crimes that are committed by minors under the age of eighteen. If an adult were to otherwise commit such crimes, they would be handled in the adult court system.

Today, most juvenile crimes are handled by the juvenile justice system; however, more serious crimes may incur the same criminal consequences as their adult counterparts. This is especially common with moreviolent crimes such asmanslaughter andmurder.

Fortunately, the juvenile court system has moved their primary focus from punishment to rehabilitation instead. Statistics have proven time and again that juvenile offenders are far more inclined to re-offend when they are handled by the adult courts, versus the juvenile courts. Not only that, but juvenile offenders are far more inclined to delve deeper into criminal activity when they are surrounded by adult offenders. When this happens, the juvenile offender inadvertently becomes a product of the adult court system, as opposed to directing them away from criminal pursuits.

Common juvenile crimes include vandalism,theft crimes,assault & battery,drug crimes and disorderly conduct. The juvenile court system generally handles such crimes by sentencing the juvenile offender to detention, mandatory counseling, probation and fines. However, as stated before, more serious offenses may be criminally prosecuted in the adult courts system. For this reason, it is essential that you hire an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney who has successfully defended juvenile cases in both the juvenile and adult courts alike.

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