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Brief Overview of Sex Crimes

Sex crimes covers a broad spectrum of sex-related offenses. In essence, sex crimes involve non-consensual sexual contact. For example,sexual assault typically refers to non-consensual sexual contact, whereasrape involves non-consensual sexual intercourse; however, some states use the terms interchangeably.

Sex crimes can range from something such aslewd conduct to more serious charges of child pornography, rape andsex with a minor. The more severe types of sex crimes are considered a type ofviolent crime. One important element of sex crimes, which sets them apart of any other type of crime, is mandatorysex offender registration.

Not all sex crimes require sex offender registration, however many of them do. Most of the time, it’s the more serious sex offenses such as sexual battery, rape and sex crimes against children that require sex offender registration.

Mandatory sex offender registration is a national program. This means that offenders always have to register – no matter where they live or where they go. Furthermore, sex offender registration places your headshot, your name, home address and what crime you were convicted for on the national sex offender registry. This means that all the information is made public for anyone to see. Your friends, your family, your neighbors and your employers can gain access to vital information about your arrest and conviction. For this reason, if you were arrested for a sex crime, it is essential that you seek representation from a qualified and experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney.

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