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35-Year-Old Man Accused of Hacking Celebrity’s Email

A Florida man has been accused of hacking Scarlett Johansson’s email account and could be facing 121 years in federal prison. He is currently out on bail and he has told the press that he is deeply sorry for hacking and stalking this celebrity. He stated that it became an addiction which got out of control.

Now allegations are surfacing which show the man to be guilty of stalking a woman from Connecticut. She has told authorities that the accused, C.C. has been talking to her online since she was thirteen. He has been accused of stealing her private photos and videos and sending them to her family and friends. He has also been accused of posting these on a pornographic forum. If C.C. is convicted of all twenty-six charges, (includingidentity theft, unauthorized computer access, and wiretapping) he will be facing serious consequences for his actions.

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