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Orange County Shooter May Face Death Penalty

On Wednesday, October 12th, S.D. allegedly walked into an Orange County hair salon and opened fire. Armed with two to three handguns and wearing a bullet-proof vest, eight people were killed and one other injured in this inexplicable shooting spree. It was later discovered that S.D.’s ex-wife worked at the Seal Beach salon and was one of the deaths.

S.D. was charged with eight counts of murder and one count of attemptedmurder in the Orange County Superior Court. It is believed this was a revenge attack as he and his ex-wide were involved in a custody dispute involving their eight-year-old son. As the only suspect in the case, S.D. caused no incident when he was arrested by law enforcement. Prosecutors are intent on pursuing the death penalty as they believe this was a callous and cold-blooded act.

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