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Battery Allegation Thrown at Actress Lindsay Lohan

With her probation ending two weeks ago, actress Lindsay Lohan is facing battery allegations. On Saturday April 7th, a woman came to the police stating that Lohan had shoved her at a West Hollywood nightclub on Thursday the 5th. However, questions are already arising concerning the validity of this accusation. Not only did the woman wait two days before even filing a complaint, but she went to the media with her story before she went to the police.

The police have to investigate every complaint that comes into their office, so they are currently attempting to determine whether or not this allegation is true. Lindsay Lohan was on supervised probation for two counts of felony DUI and she is still on probation for misdemeanor shoplifting. If this accusation had come during her probation, this could have meant a probation violation and jail time.

Charges ofassault and battery are taken very seriously in California, as areprobation violations. If Lohan is charged with this crime, she could be facing jail of up to six months and $2,000 in fines. A Los Angeles criminal defense attorney from our team at Martinian & Associates could help you if you or a family member were charged with this offense. To learn more,contact a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney from our firm today!