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Defining Extortion

Have you or family member been accused of extortion? If so, you probably have many questions going through your mind. What is extortion? What are the possible penalties? How can I defend myself? According to the California Penal Code Section 518-527, extortion is wrongfully obtaining property from another person through force, threats, or using official right. This use of fear or force could include actual physical violence, the threats of physical violence and harm of a family member. It could also include threatening to accuse them or a family member of a crime or exposing a disgraceful secret.

If an individual is accused of extortion in order to gain money from the victim, they could be placed in prison for two, three or four years. If they used extortion in an official capacity, they could be found guilty of a misdemeanor. When extortion targets an elderly or dependent individual, they could be found guilty of a felony rather than a misdemeanor. Extortion is very similar to robbery, with one key difference. For example, robbery could occur without any stated threat to the victim, but extortion is not extortion unless it involves some type of threat, either written or verbal.

If you have been arrested on suspicion of extortion or another type oftheft crime orwhite collar crime, your first step should be to contact a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer from our firm. Our team at Martinian & Associates understands that this can be an extremely difficult situation to find yourself in and so is dedicated to protecting you every step of the way. You can be 100% confident that your case is in good hands should you choose to work with our experienced team.Contact a Los Angeles criminal attorney from our firm for a free case evaluation!