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Sex Offender Arrested in Irvine Park for Violating Terms of Parole

Convicted sex offenders are not allowed to go near city parks, but this did not stop 51-year-old J.P.N. from attempting to play a game of tennis in Citrus Glen Park last week. The law in Irvine was enacted in July of 2011 and stated that city parks and recreational facilities were off-limits for those who had been previously convicted of a sex offense. He was on probation following a conviction of indecent exposure in Garden Grove earlier this year. In 1996, he had been convicted of a misdemeanor for child annoyance.

Following a conviction of a crime, individuals are often placed on probation for a set period of time. The terms of this probation can be more or less strict, depending on the crime in question. Besides specific terms like staying away from parks, other ways to violate probation include not appearing for court appearances, missing a meeting with a probation officer, being arrested for another crime, or drug use. What could happen if you are found guilty of violating the terms of your probation? Consequences could include fines, jail, or more time being added to the original probation.

What exactly is indecent exposure? The California Penal Code §314 (2011) gives information regarding this specific crime. It is defined as “willfully and lewdly” exposing one’s private parts in a public place or where others are present and may be offended. This is usually charged as a misdemeanor. If, however, the individual enters a dwelling and commits indecent exposure, they could be put in state prison or county jail up to one year. If you have more questions regarding indecent exposure or aprobation violation, you should contact our team at Martinian & Associates for a free case evaluation.