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Tigran Martinian Interviewed on NBC Discussing Drugs and Driving

With the increasing number of drugged driving arrests on California roads and highways, law enforcement and prosecutors are beginning to take notice. Currently, California law lumps drugged driving together withdrunk driving, but that may soon change. Law enforcement officers are being trained in tactics that will help better identify drugged drivers during traffic stops. Drugged driving arrests are leaving much more to officer discretion. AttorneyTigran Martinian was featured on NBC News to comment on officer conduct during these types of stops.

According to Mr. Martinian, “The best way to avoid police misconduct would be to have a recording from the time of the arrest up until the end of the arrest.”

Law enforcement officers are going through increasingly more training to have a more streamlined process for making drugged driving arrests, to avoid unlawful stops which can result in the charges being dismissed in court or even prior to trial. If you or someone you love was recently arrested for drugged driving, there may be many defenses available to you, sodiscuss your case with aLos Angeles DUI attorney atMartinian & Associates Inc. as soon as possible.