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Los Angeles Serial Killer Linked To Sixteen Deaths

An investigation is underway into sixteen killings in the Los Angeles area. Beginning in the 1980s, the same man has been tied to all of the deaths through DNA, ballistic evidence, and circumstantial evidence. The suspect, L.F. aged fifty-nine, had already been charged with ten murders when he was linked to six more. The victims, all women, of this serial killer were found…

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24-Year-Old Accused Of Attempting To Murder Infant Son

On November 9th, J.R. is due for arraignment following charges of attempted murder, torture, and child abuse. The Los Angeles man was babysitting for his two-month-old son while his girlfriend was out. She had set up a hidden camera at the house because she suspected him of infidelity. However, when she watched the footage, she found something worse. J.R. was filmed smothering the…

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Orange County Shooter May Face Death Penalty

On Wednesday, October 12th, S.D. allegedly walked into an Orange County hair salon and opened fire. Armed with two to three handguns and wearing a bullet-proof vest, eight people were killed and one other injured in this inexplicable shooting spree. It was later discovered that S.D.’s ex-wife worked at the Seal Beach salon and was one of the deaths. S.D. was charged with…

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Three-Year-Old Murdered in San Bernardino, CA

An unknown gunman murdered a three-year-old girl and seriously injured a pregnant mother and her toddler last Monday evening. The girl was shot in the head and was pronounced dead when she arrived at the hospital. The unnamed mother was shot in the neck and jaw and her daughter was also shot in the head. Although the unborn child is unharmed, the mother…

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The Difference Between Murder and Manslaughter

In the criminal system, crimes that are often persecuted the harshest are those that involve homicide. The law is extremely severe on defendants who have been criminally charged with the taking of another human life. Does this mean that every case of homicide is the same? Actually, not at all. According to the law, the two largest categories of homicide involvemurder andmanslaughter. These…

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