Bill Signed to Increase Access to Syringes

Governor Jerry Brown of California has signed two bills that will make it easier for drug users to purchase sterile needles. Currently, individuals are required to have a prescription in order to purchase a syringe. Although this bills sounds as if it is encouraging drug use, it is actually an attempt to curb the spread of hepatitis C and HIV. He also signed a bill authorizing needle exchange programs to operate in high-risk areas. Once such area is Fresno, CA, which has one of the highest IV drug rates in the country.

This law will be implemented in a restrained manner and it will not change the fact that illegal substance abuse is still against the law. Drug crimes are punishable by steep fines and jail time and are usually charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. If you have been accused of possession, possession with intent, distribution, marijuana use, or methamphetamine use, you need a skilled Los Angeles criminal defense attorney to defend you.

Contact a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney from our firm to see how we could help you. Time is crucial in these cases so please call today.

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