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Weapons Stolen From Los Angeles SWAT Facility

Over thirty firearms were stolen from a SWAT training facility last week. The weapons included MP-5 submachine guns and large caliber handguns. Although these weapons had been modified to fire blanks, law enforcement officers are worried that they could be altered back to fire live ammunition.

The training facility was believed to be secure, but the thieves were able to cut through the bolt locks and force their way through a metal roll gate. According to the LAPD Deputy Chief, this embarrassing situation will serve as a lesson learned. They are currently following several leads and he believes that the weapons will be recovered.

Gun theft at this level will carry very serious charges. If you have been convicted of weapons theft,burglary,carjacking,grand theft,petty theft,larceny,robbery, orshoplifting, you need the representation of a qualified legal representative. A Los Angeles criminal defense attorney from Martinian & Associates has the skill and experience to handle even the most complicated cases. To see how we could help you,contact a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney from their firm as soon as possible.