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White Collar Crimes

What exactly arewhite collar crimes? According to the Nolo Law Dictionary, white collar crimes involve “a variety of nonviolent financial crimes, generally committed by businesspeople or public officials, involving commercial fraud, consumer fraud, swindles, insider trading on the stock market, embezzlement, bribery, or other dishonest schemes.”

Many of these crimes are committed by an individual who was in a place of trust. For example, an employee who had access to the financial and bank account information of a company couldembezzle the money by rerouting it to their own account.Bribery is a form of corruption in which an individual attempts to influence a public official through money or some other benefit. Offering or accepting a bribe is a criminal offense that could be charged as a felony.

Credit card fraud and welfare fraud are also types of white collar crimes.Credit card fraud includes applying for a credit card under someone else’s name, using a stolen credit card, or using the credit card of a customer.Welfare fraud occurs when an individual attempts to illegally receive welfare from the government. Whether by supplying false information as a recipient or an employee, you could be sent to jail and be prevented from receiving benefits in the future.

If you have been arrested for a white collar crime in Los Angeles, it is highly recommended that you seek counsel for a legal professional as soon as possible. Our Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys at Martinian & Associates have the skill and experience you need to avoid jail time and steep fines. We understand that every case is unique and in need of our careful examination. Whether you have been accused of theft,murder,manslaughter,drug crimes, or assault, we have the experience to represent you. Please do not hesitate tocontact a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney from our firm to see how we could help you.