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Early Warning for DUI Checkpoints?

A Santa Rosa, CA legislator has written a bill that would require advance warning on all DUI checkpoints. The exact location would be announced two hours before and residents would be notified two days in advance of the general location.

While this may seem like good news to some, local law enforcement is strongly opposing this bill. They say that is would greatly impede their ability to catch drunk drivers as those driving under the influence would simply avoid the checkpoints. Whether or not this bill becomes law remains to be seen.

As this early warning bill has not been passed, many people are still being arrested because of failing field sobriety tests at DUI checkpoints. As these tests are not one hundred percent accurate, it is possible to be falsely accused of drunk driving. A Los Angeles criminal defense attorney from Martinian & Associates has experience in every area ofDUI charges, including:DMV hearings,felony DUI, andbreath and blood tests. If you are facing DUI charges, please contact a member of their firm as soon as possible.